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MoeTats is a talented tattoo artist based in Lansing, Mi. known for their distinctive and captivating tattoo designs. With a passion for creativity and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, MoeTats brings their clients’ visions to life with precision and skill.

Some of my favorites

Koi tattoo with kanji, blue accents and cherry blossoms.
Scream tattoo with a rose
Rimaru tempest tattoo from the anime That one  time I got reincarnated as a slime.
Tattoo of an old haunted house.
Sword tattoo with a skull handle, a snake wrapping the sword, and flowers with butterflies in the background.
Tattoo of tiger eyes and a human eye side by side.
Rose tattoo on the arm with writing at the bottom
abstract 3d image
background orb image.
spikey orb
abstract shape

Tattoo Categories

From Start To Finish

My process as a tattoo artist was designed to account for you, the customer, to ensure that your experience of getting a new tattoo is the best it can be.

The Icebreaker

If my work resonates with you, you can schedule a call with me. In this call, we introduce ourselves and I'll be answering any questions you have about tattoos or etc.

The Fun Part, Designing/Ideating

This part is everyone's favorite part. In this phase of the process, we will go over the tattoo specifications. We also discuss precautions and any prep needed for your new ink piece!

Meeting Up

After talking about your design, we'll schedule a time for you to come through at Ink and Needle South. We'll also talk about pricing details and how payment generally works at the shop.

Getting To It

The day comes and we meet at each other at Ink and Needle South. We'll get your prepared and start tattooing you! After that's done, we'll go over some after care and any touch ups to maintain your coloring.

Client Testimonials

Hear what our clients have to say about Moe's work

MoeTats is the best tattoo artist I've ever worked with.
If my photos are useful to you, consider a donation. Paypal: jonaskakaroto@yahoo.com.brby Jonas Kakaroto

John Doe

Portrait Sketcher

I'm extremely happy with the tattoo Moe created for me.
smiling woman holding cheekby Houcine Ncib

Jane Smith

Music Artist

Moe's attention to detail is unmatched.
I see the glow in your eyes…by Ethan Hoover

David Johnson

Music Artist

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